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Stay Interviews: An Effective Tool to Retain Talented Employees


Speaker Name :Melveen Stevenson

Recorded Session

60 Minutes


Employees are quitting in droves, according to a recent WSJ article, backed by hard data from Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Most companies and organizations conduct “leave/exit” interviews to find out why their employees are leaving their jobs. Unfortunately, figuring out why your employees are leaving after they have decided to leave is usually too late. The last thing any company wants is for their top talent to leave before understanding what they are actually thinking. In order to mitigate this, companies need to consider adopting “stay” interviews and proactively understand why employees stay.

Things to consider:

  • How can employee turnover be reduced? 
  • How can you keep top employees from leaving? 
  • What makes a good employee want to leave your organization? 
  • How can you know if someone is considering quitting?

Will your best and brightest employees stick around?

A recent survey shows a massive 63 Percent of millennials, say they plan to look for a new job in the next 12 months. Considering how much time and money it costs to hire a new employee, most managers understandably would prefer that their people stick around for the long haul. 

One way to stop your brightest employee from quitting his/her job is by conducting "Stay" Interview NOT "Leave/Exit" Interviews

Stay Interviews are the absolute best trust-building activity…and therefore the best Retention tool. Stay interviews have been proven to boost retention and engagement rates.

Many companies are beginning to realize the benefits "stay" interviews have and are using them to understand the factors that make an employee tick in his/her role. Instead of focusing on "exit" interviews to understand why employees are leaving, we believe it is wiser to conduct "stay" interviews to boost employee engagement and retention so that they do not think of leaving in the first place.

This webinar will cover the benefits and principle components of an effective retention strategy with special emphasis on "stay" interviews.

Learning Objectives

  • Why employee retention is important.
  • How to develop a retention strategy that is right for your organization.
  • What are the key components of a robust retention strategy.
  • How to conduct a stay interview to effectively gather the best information.
  • What are the best questions to ask in stay interviews.
  • How to keep the momentum going after the stay interview is completed.

Who will benefit most

  • Supervisors and Managers with employees who report to them
  • Project and team leaders who lead a team of employees
  • Human resources professionals/ HR Departments overseeing exit interviews
  • Directors
  • Business Owners/ Corporate Leaders
  • Experienced leaders who desire to develop the next generation of leaders in their organization


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Speaker Profile

Melveen Stevenson is the CEO and founder of M.S.Elemental, LLC, a human resources and business advisory firm based in Los Angeles, California. As a certified HR professional with a background in accounting and finance, she helps companies to navigate the human resources “jungle” of compliance, human capital, and leadership challenges. By using an encompassing business approach, she helps to strengthen the infrastructure of organizations from the inside out, specifically through leadership development, operations, training, employee engagement, and career coaching.

Over the last 17 years, Melveen has held leadership positions in human resources operations, supply chain, and talent management at international companies in food manufacturing, medical devices, and consumer products. She has also worked internationally.

Melveen began her career in accounting and international banking. With an inspired desire to support and drive organizational success through human capital, she redirected her career and obtained her MBA at Michigan State University’s Eli Broad Graduate School of Management.


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